Hackathon 11/12 May 2021

Your shortcut to good Innovation & Entrepreneurship teaching
Get your own set of tools and knowledge for teaching I&E.
YOU CAN HACK ALMOST EVERYTHING. Here you will not hack technology but you will hack I&E-courses at SDU. Just go for it.
Primary target group: SDU researchers, lecturers and heads of studies. TAP and students are welcome too.
You will be guided by experienced I&E teachers and SDU consultants
Enrollment link:
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Video: What is a hackathon

ITs21 5th conference on interdisciplinary teamwork skills

Fristen er for indsendelse af abstract til konferencen ITS 21 2021 er blevet forlænget og ny deadline er fredag den 26. marts 2021.

Læs mere om konferencen her:

TAL, Nov 3rd, 2020

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 kl. 9-16, online via Zoom. The general theme for this conference is Teaching for Active
The conference will look forward to receiving YOUR abstract on active teaching and learning in innovation and entrepreneurship teaching.
link to conference home page

Webinar i UNIEN 28. august kl. 9 – 12

Tilmelding – skriv til
UNIEN er universiteternes innovations- og entreprenørskabspædagogiske netværk.

Past events

Over the last 4 semesters the network has met regularly to share knowledge, research and informations regarding perspectives on teaching innovation and entrepreneurship at SDU. Always with teachers’ and / or students inputs and sometimes with contributions from external capacities as well

Other recommendations

Jean Liedtka runs a free online course on coursera: design thinking for the greater good